„Oh my God, what a child! Nobody has ever understood me like this child – the most extraordinary child I have
ever met. He plays almost all my compositions just like I do - without ever having listened to my interpretations and without any instructions, and he adds his own interpretation, which is as good as my own.“

„If this boy decides to travel, I am finished.“ (Liszt)

„There is nothing to be said about Filtsch other than that he is a genius. A brilliant future lies ahead of him.“
(Neue Zeitschrift für Musik - founded by Schumann)

„Carl Filtsch Festival“ – International Competition for Piano and Composition

Since autumn 1995, an international festival has taken place in Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Rumania. This festival is a competition for piano and composition, which was created for young pianists and composers in memory of an extraordinary musician from Transsylvania.

Carl Filtsch, born in 1830 in Sebes/Mühlbach near Sibiu/Hermannstadt, was one of the most important pianists of the 19th century,
despite his short life – he died of tuberculosis at the age of 15. At the age of 12, he was Chopin’s favourite student and already one of the most famous piano virtuosos of his age – comparable to Liszt and Thalberg. He was celebrated in the big musical centres of Europe – Budapest, Vienna, Paris and London. And he created a collection of compositions of remarkable skill and maturity.
Six of these compositions are therefore part of the compulsory repertoire of the competition, which is organised for 3 age classes. The competition also demands an extensive repertoire of historical and contemporary music and gives participants an option to perform their own compositions. For this reason, a high proportion of participants have been composers since the creation of the competition – around 23% on average. This is unique.
The festival is also unique in that it organises numerous concerts for the winners in addition to the concert schedule (comprising piano and chamber music recitals) which accompanies the competition. These concerts enable extraordinary talents to perform within Rumania and abroad, both as soloists and with various Rumanian symphony orchestras.
In 2003, the Münchener Musikseminar set up an Internet site for the festival to advertise it to a larger group of potential applicants and participants outside of South-East Europe and the Balkans.

A CD has been released with the compositions by Carl Filtsch (MMS 2616: Leonhard Westermayr plays Filtsch, Chopin & Liszt).
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